Spring 2019

Math 55B: Honors Topology and Complex Analysis
Joe Harris — Harvard College

CS 124: Algorithms and Data Structures
Jelani Nelson — Harvard College

CS 161: Operating Systems
James Mickens, Eddie Kohler — Harvard College

Expos 20: Religious Pluralism in the United States
Jacob Betz — Harvard College

Fall 2018

Math 55A: Honors Abstract and Linear Algebra
Joe Harris — Harvard College

Group theory, theoretical linear algebra, representation theory.

CS 153: Compilers
Stephen Chong — Harvard College

CS 121: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
Boaz Barak — Harvard College

Defining computation, computational models (NAND, Turing, lambda, etc.), computability, complexity, incompleteness, random and quantum computation.

Hum12: Introduction to World Literature
Martin Puchner, David Damrosch — Harvard College