Noah Singer (he/him)
Harvard University
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About Me

I study computer science and math at Harvard University (Pforzheimer House '22). My research is in theoretical computer science. At Harvard, I am fortunate to be working with Prof. Madhu Sudan on streaming and communication complexity. I also participated in the 2021 DIMACS REU program, where I worked with Prof. Eric Allender on metacomplexity (see my project blog). As of Fall 2021, I am applying to CS Ph.D. programs. Here is my CV.


I have broad interests in theoretical computer science, including in complexity, cryptography, and algorithms. Specific interests include using mathematical techniques (e.g. algebra, Boolean Fourier analysis) to answer questions about computation, and studying the role of interaction in computation (e.g. communication complexity, oracle complexity, zero-knowledge proofs).


  • Closed-form expressions for the sketching approximability of (some) symmetric Boolean CSPs
    Joanna Boyland, Michael Hwang, Tarun Prasad, Noah Singer, and Santhoshini Velusamy
  • Streaming approximation resistance of every ordering CSP
    Noah Singer, Madhu Sudan, and Santhoshini Velusamy
    APPROX 2021
    arXiv Recorded Talk
  • Point-hyperplane incidence geometry and the log-rank conjecture
    Noah Singer and Madhu Sudan
A full list of my papers and other writing may be found here.


Teaching. I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

In CS 121 (Fall 2019 and 2020), I organized guest lectures in the "CS 121.5" advanced section.

Community. Since 2020, I have been a CS Peer Concentration Adviser and Women in CS (WiCS) mentor. In Spring 2019, I worked with Harvard's Digital Literacy Project to teach Scratch and Processing.js to Boston-area middle school students.

Work Experience. In Summer 2019, I worked as a software engineering intern at Airbnb in San Francisco on the Host Growth & Traffic team, where I built a production data pipeline to discover and manage large quantities of Google search advertising keywords targeting Airbnb hosts.


Literature. I love science fiction! My favorite short story is William Gibson's Fragments of a Hologram Rose. Some of my favorite novels are Gibson's Neuromancer, Le Guin's The Dispossessed, Jemisin's The Fifth Season, Robinson's Red Mars, and Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

Music. I listen to a lot of music, including indie rock, electronica, and hip hop; my favorite artists include The Strokes, Ratatat, Gorillaz, and Daft Punk. I also play classical piano.

Other. I love to watch TV shows; bake and cook; play tennis and go on long walks; and watch hockey (go Caps!) and basketball.